My hair by Simone - an updo review

Last Thursday I arrived at Forecast Hairdressing with several images in hand for Simone to pick from; I didn't care which direction we went in, all I was told: "Simone is an updo guru."  I laid the pictures out before her for a bit of inspiration and off she went!  In less than 45-minutes, my hair was sprayed, curled, teased and pinned to perfection. These are the looks I liked:

And this is the final result - 5 looks, mashed up:

Simone is a hair goddess!  I was really happy with how well my hair came out - business in the front, party in the back, wait?! All joking aside, many of my co-workers claimed they didn't recognize me; more often than not, you'll find me with my hair down at work.  Because so much hairspray was used, I was able to sleep on it and roll out of bed, albeit six hours later and head off to work with my hair still intact.

The Bagful breakdown:

Cost of Simone's handiwork @ Forecast Hairdressing:

  • $87.00

Value for money spent (performance and quality):

  • 8 out of 10 bags; a little expensive, but I'd do it again.  Simone works quickly and efficiently; plus, she truly transformed my mousy-brown hair!

Likelihood to re-visit:

  • I already booked another appointment to get my hair trimmed just after Christmas