MAC Glitter and Ice - First and only impression

I typically cut through Myer or David Jones during my walk back from work every day; I like scoping out the makeup counters to see what's new and if any of the displays have changed.  Last Sunday, I noticed MAC had changed their posters from MAC Me Over and Style Driven to Glitter and Ice; this was a great indicator of the arrival of MAC's wintry collection Glitter and Ice.  By Monday evening, the counters were adorned with shimmery displays and plastic gift ball sets. Nothing really caught my eye and I wasn't really lusting after anything, especially after reading reviews by Karen and Christine.  I'm pretty disappointed by this whole entire collection, except for the brush sets; they are cute and sparkly.  With that being said, I've heard mixed reviews about the quality of the brushes in these gift sets, past and present.  I don't have any personal experience with using them myself, you might want to visit your local MAC retail shop and have a play.

For me, MAC's holiday release is a no go - I'll save up my pennies for something even better than this lackluster edition.

Below, you can barely tell that I swatched five out of the six Mineralize shadows, three Glitter and Ice Paint Pots, two Beauty Powders and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.