NICOLE - Personal Makeup Shopper, Makeup Artist & EDITOR at BAGFUL OF NOTIONS

NICOLE - Personal Makeup Shopper, Makeup Artist & EDITOR at BAGFUL OF NOTIONS

I love having beautiful skin and polished makeup, but I don't want to waste forever and a day in an effort to get there. Let's cut corners together and look great while doing it without sacrificing our sanity.

Just consider me as your local guinea pig, litmus tester, makeup cheater and the friend who will tell you when something is stuck between your teeth. Here's a toothpick.

Training & Education:

Initially self-taught over 15+ years, and trained at Elite Make Up Academy in Melbourne's CBD.

Misc. bits and bobs:

My camera: Canon EOS 650D or my iPhone X. Fairly often, I'll post my prized photos over on Instagram.

The backdrop: my cluttered desk, a rolling kitchen bench we use as a television stand and the city of Melbourne can often be seen behind me.

My nails: professionally polished over at Accent Nail Bar — OG nail library is from the days of French Pink, now you can find Kara mixing up nail polish over at Miss Frankie.

My hair: By Em

My eyebrows: Benefit Brow Bar at Myer Melbourne tames 'em.

Skin: Richie (currently on maternity leave as of May 2019) and Kate from Made keep me glowing and balanced.

My lips: they're real and they're spectacular.

CTO/Supporter/Cheerleader: My husband, Scott.



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