Chancer by Butter London - weekly nail review

Ahhh, the holiday season is here and what better way to celebrate than with sporting insanely red nails.  The gravitational pull towards Essies' new colours was still there, but sparkles and holiday colours began to beckon my name.  I've only worn glitter nail polish once as an adult and that was a few months back; the experience left me a bit hesitant, because my nails chipped straight away. I have since figured out why that happened (always in the same place, of course) - my zipper/fly is a polish muncher.  My right index nail always manages to get tangled between the teeth and then disaster strikes - my nail is left looking tattered and abused.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist, can't you tell?  And then frustation sets in, because I mucked up my manicure from being so thoughtless and careless.  What's a girl to do?

Wearing glittery things brings me back to my teenage years; Mom would often leave me to my own devices inside of the Limited Too (now known as Justice) to play with their makeup and to try on clothes.  I think I ended up purchasing up to 40 different shades of polish; it was cheap (less than 5 bucks a pop) and allowed me to express my personality.  Plus, being a chubby girl often proved difficult, because I couldn't really fit into the clothes they sold.  However, makeup always manages to fit all sizes, which is why I love the stuff so much!

Enough nostalgia and back to my nails.  The zipper muncher struck again, boo!  On the plus side, Chancer is such a stunning shade it shined beyond the tiny blemish I created.  The compliments poured in throughout the week; one girl went as far as stroking my nails - tee hee!

Scott has dubbed this colour as "cranberry sparkles."  I think it sounds waaaay better than Chancer!

What do you think of my holiday inspired nails?