Violent Lips - review

I was wondering when I'd finally see this product on the other side of the Pacific; Australia typically lags behind on trends pertaining to makeup and this always kills me.  During my usual circle through Priceline today I spotted Violent Lip's display nestled next to Rimmel London's products - not sure why they were there, but I don't think Zooey Deschanel minded either. The new display detracted from Rimmel's botched photoshop job, sorry Zooey.  I had my pick of the litter as there were lots to choose from and I'm starting to think I should've purchased more than one package, drats! One package includes three lip tattoos and goof-proof instructions; word to the wise, watch the tutorial in order to get an even better idea of how to execute this.  I neglected to taper off the ends and instead bluntly cut off any excess, much like that time I decided to trim my own eyebrows - true story!

As you can tell, I opted to go with the pink and white polka dot lips.  Application was relatively easy after sizing and trimming them down; I used a moistened cotton face swab and smoothed the swab over the decals until the backing began to give way. Total elapsed time was less than five minutes. In the directions, Violent Lips clearly states that your lips need to be free of any products and absolutely dry in order for the tattoo to adhere properly - it's important to note the decals are tacky, which aided with placement.  After applying them, I went back in with my chapstick because they felt so dry.  I found the tattoos settled within the peaks and valleys of my lips, but don't be alarmed because it didn't take away from the overall effect.  Wear time lasts between four to eight hours; keep in mind drinking and eating might lessen the quality.

Update:  When I decided to remove the temporary tattoos (just before bedtime) I referred to the instructions for help.  Violent Lips states you should apply mineral oil or baby oil directly on your lips and wait for 60-90 seconds - then, you're to take a textured cloth or wipe and rub gently.  I didn't have any of the items they specified, so I used olive oil and a damp face cloth instead.  Boy did my lips feel baby soft!


The Bagful breakdown:

Total amount for Violent Lips (package of three):

  • $14.95 AUS - there isn't a price difference between here and the US

Value for money spent (performance and quality):

  • 8 out of 10 bags; a little bit on the expensive side, but still worth the novelty alone

Likelihood to purchase again from Mecca Maxima:

  • I can't wait to try the pink sparkly lips