Date Night

Fingers Crossed, Scott and I will be off to experience GingerBoy here in Melbourne's CBD this evening. I took the liberty of making reservations a few weeks ago upon hearing an insanely great review from my co-worker Matt; Asian fare and drinks is what Scott really needs after extinguishing work fires all day today. In order to prettify myself, I wandered off to the newly opened Topshop inside of South Yarra's Jam Factory and ended up hauling off with some of their makeup and a fun polka dot dress.  I planned to save the dress for work later this week, but I accidentally rubbed some of the lipstick I swatched onto a really cute dress I purchased from the Gap.  C'est la vie.

I completely forgot Topshop carried makeup; I've read a few reviews, but really haven't tried it out myself.  Going in blind, I grabbed several items to play around with.  The girls who manage the counter were nice enough to let me snap some photos of the kiosks nestled just before TopMan.  For the holidays, they're pushing two different eye-quads dubbed "Smoke & Mirrors" - I immediately thought of Gotye when I saw the theme; I've been a bit obsessed with his music as of late.

After looking through all they have to offer (brushes, wipes, nail polish, bronzer, high lighter, etc.) I handed over a couple of shillings and ran back home to paint on my date night look.

First the haul:

Second, the look:

And one more!


Last, what I wore:




I almost forgot to share the photos I took earlier today!  I tried to be stealthy and then I mustered up enough strength to just ask if I could do so.  A while back I took a picture of MAC's Wonder Woman display and I was asked to delete the images from my phone; it's only natural for me to be fearful.

The Bagful breakdown:

Total amount spent on four items:

  • $53.00 AUS

Value for money spent (performance and quality):

  • 10 out of 10 bags; each item averaged out to be $13.25 and I was really impressed with their on trend collection

Likelihood to purchase from Topshop again:

  • I'll wait for the hype to die down and head back after the holiday season

I'm really loving my Barbie pink lips!  Have you had your Topshop fix yet?