Meet Fiona...

Isn't she gorgeous?


We named her after Princess Fiona from Shrek, but you can also think of Fiona Apple.  Just like ogres and onions, this It Bag has layers.Prada released this gem in five other colours (red, navy, white, yellow and light blue); I opted for the eye-catching aquamarine. While sitting in a bar last night I dared Scott to buy it and he really did.  So much for saving;)

But then again, any woman likes seeing where her money is.


What's in my bag

Each week the girls over at feature a different female designer's handbag and also ask them a series of questions. A woman's purse is very personal, because it carries their life and also represents a snippet of how one feels about fashion vs. function. I think most girls my age and older would agree that the show Sex and the City put fashion accessories on a different level; the education I've received is endless and has shaped my thought process and approach to what I purchase.  Shoes, purses, tights and other miscellaneous accessories are my personal drugs of choice; I can be any size and the aforementioned will always fit.

I've lifted some of the questions asked by Purseblog and created some of my own…

Name: Nicole

Occupation: Estimating Coordinator - some day I hope to see something of mine in the skyline.  How very Ted Mosby of me.

Your bag today is:Prada - my logo is on the side.

What made you choose this bag: I stumbled upon this purse during our first day in Milan; we were walking down Via Montenapoleone.  I just had to check out their wares and well, it was love at first sight.  The saleswoman, however, delivered some bad news when she returned from the stockroom; the bag I had chosen was the last one in the store and well that wasn't going to cut it.  I was assured it hadn't been out on the floor for very long - a few days at most.  If you're spending an insane amout of money on a bag, the floor model just won't do.  Eventually a few more were tracked down - another mission was about to be accomplished.


What's in your bag:

Sunglasses by D&G (I love the floral pattern), glasses by Banana Republic, Prada wallet and business card holder, iPod, Vera Bradley Zip ID, assorted gel pens (I'm a pen snob), Chapstick, 2 MAC lipsticks in Hot Gossip and Positively Dashing, NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in New Lover, hand lotion by Provence Sante, a brush, Dove deodorant, lip salve (a gift from my Italian personal shopper), my work key card and random paper work.