What's in my bag

Each week the girls over at Purseblog.com feature a different female designer's handbag and also ask them a series of questions. A woman's purse is very personal, because it carries their life and also represents a snippet of how one feels about fashion vs. function. I think most girls my age and older would agree that the show Sex and the City put fashion accessories on a different level; the education I've received is endless and has shaped my thought process and approach to what I purchase.  Shoes, purses, tights and other miscellaneous accessories are my personal drugs of choice; I can be any size and the aforementioned will always fit.

I've lifted some of the questions asked by Purseblog and created some of my own…

Name: Nicole

Occupation: Estimating Coordinator - some day I hope to see something of mine in the skyline.  How very Ted Mosby of me.

Your bag today is:Prada - my logo is on the side.

What made you choose this bag: I stumbled upon this purse during our first day in Milan; we were walking down Via Montenapoleone.  I just had to check out their wares and well, it was love at first sight.  The saleswoman, however, delivered some bad news when she returned from the stockroom; the bag I had chosen was the last one in the store and well that wasn't going to cut it.  I was assured it hadn't been out on the floor for very long - a few days at most.  If you're spending an insane amout of money on a bag, the floor model just won't do.  Eventually a few more were tracked down - another mission was about to be accomplished.


What's in your bag:

Sunglasses by D&G (I love the floral pattern), glasses by Banana Republic, Prada wallet and business card holder, iPod, Vera Bradley Zip ID, assorted gel pens (I'm a pen snob), Chapstick, 2 MAC lipsticks in Hot Gossip and Positively Dashing, NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in New Lover, hand lotion by Provence Sante, a brush, Dove deodorant, lip salve (a gift from my Italian personal shopper), my work key card and random paper work.