The lemming list for Autumn Winter 2015

Virtual shopping, it's akin to window shopping minus the cardio -- no shirt, no shoes, no problem!

Let's spend some time together surfing the Internet without the guilt. Without further ado, here's my Autumn Winter edit for 2015 for your viewing pleasure.

The Shirt

APOM's (A Part of Me) Dino Cross Back Top - It's fun, it's playful, and it's got dinosaurs! If the price tag weren't so hefty it would already be mine.

The Shoes

Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper collects the best accessories, so it was no surprise when she sported fellow style blogger and friend Chiara Ferragni's Flirting Flat Sandals. Don't take these shoes too seriously, and accept them for what they are -- a wink-y perk me up for any day of the week.

The Handbag

There's no denying the creative duo behind newish accessories label Mansur Gavriel's star is rising. Seriously hoping to hitch my wagon to their very fashionable Crossbody Bag, but it looks like I'll have to hang out for its September release. 

The Lipstick

Shanghai Suzy has eight more shades set to drop some time this April. Miss Victorine and Miss Nina are both begging to make their way into my makeup bag. 

The Dress

The Pleated Pyramid Dress featuring gold, navy, cerulean blue, and loads of symmetry hits all the right notes for me. Please stop it, Gorman -- my wallet can't handle it!

The Palette

The grown up version of all the nude eyeshadow palettes out there. YSL has come to the party, and they pulled out the stops with the Couture Variation Palette. Expect to blow your makeup budget on this little gem.

Gorman's Unique New York Dress

Gorman Dress

Gorman Dress

Love the dress, hate the price tag. I saw this cute dress about a month ago on a sales gal, but didn't give it much thought, because it's leather.

Where would I wear it and would it make me appear soft or hard?

It's currently on sale, so I made the horrible mistake of trying it on. I fell in like, not in love.

For a whopping $400 bucks I could've taken this dress home with me, alas we parted ways. I shall stalk it for a little while longer.

I should just get this jacket -- it has my name all over it :)

Fashion Forward >> Fall



For me Fall doesn't mean you have to put the many colours of summer in storage. For those cooler days, just add a cute pair of socks, a soft cardigan or a striped blazer. Here are my personal picks / potential purchases to help spice up my wardrobe...

1. Keds + Kate Spade, $75.00 USD - all things are coming up Kate in March with the release of this joint venture and her new Saturday collection. My tootsies are smitten!

2. Rainbow Row Dress by Mod Cloth, $79.99 USD - the cute row houses conjure up happy memories from Amsterdam.

3. Half Circle Bag by Kate Spade Saturday, $160.00 USD - cheaper than Coach's Penny bag and to boot, you can wear Kate's bag three different ways. A limited-time offering of this collection is available over at for a few more days.

4. Chillin' in Chi-town by BB Dakota, $59.99 USD - so pretty coming and going. And you can't knock chevron stripes -- Charlie Brown didn't.

5. Lace Me Up Wedge by Gorman, $249.00 AUS - it's a splurge, but I can't take my eyes off of these. Must.Maintain.Self-restraint.

6. 1969 Legging Skimmer jeans from Gap, $69.95 USD - prints and solids scream, "wear me and have a bit of fun!"

Psst, to the gals in the Northern Hemisphere: take heed for Spring too ;)

What are your Fall must-haves?

L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival - Runway 3

Fashion week might be over in New York, Paris, London and Milan, but in our little city of Melbourne, we too celebrated the shift of the seasons.  L'oreal's Fashion Festival ran between 8-15 March and I was lucky enough to attend Paris Runway 3 and 4.  Up until now, I had never been to a fashion show and I knew I should probably dress accordingly.  What can I say, any excuse for me to go shopping is good enough for me. Here's a glimpse at what I wore.

After hunting around for close to two hour on Sunday afternoon, I stumbled across this dress at Gorman.  I had seen it before, but decided not to try it on; I took finding it again as a sign.  While waiting in line for a fitting room, I was told by one of the sales associates this dress makes everyone look good.  Sold!  I'll do anything to conceal my hips.  As I was checking out, the same sales girl asked me what the special occasion was and I mentioned that I was attending a fashion show.  It just so happened that I picked out a local designer who was showing that same night (I never checked the program).

For the first night I sat in the second row and had a pretty good vantage point.  Truth be told, the girl who sat in front of me made it difficult to see at times.  Case in point...



My first goal was to survey the crowd in order to catch glimpse of someone famous and I ended up spotting Matcho of Australia's Project Runway Season 3.  I'd like to think he was a fan favourite thanks to his personality and charm.  I thought to myself, "should I go ask him for a picture, or should I leave him alone."  For a few moments I sat there, starstruck, but my courage lifted me off of the uncomfortable timber bench and willed me to ask for a photo of the two of us.

Matcho and me

Matcho and me

And yes, I think he wore a koala-type accessory around his neck.  Perhaps he wanted to pay homage to an Aussie mascot - I'll never know. I was honestly hoping for crazier glasses, because he switched them up on a weekly basis.    After getting the goods, I then wandered back to my seat and waited for the show to start.

Floral headpiece

Floral headpiece

and a bit more

and a bit more

I didn't get to snap the best photos, because my shutter couldn't handle the clip at which these models walked.  In less than 20-minutes, we saw six designers and were then quickly whisked into the night; for some, assorted parties awaited their arrival, but for the rest of us (like me) snagged a shuttle bus back into the city.  On a side note, this shuttle bus wasn't ordinary, oh no; gift bags were left for each passenger and were filled to the brim with all sorts of coupons and goodies.  I'll be sure to share my makeup look in another post.

Until then, here's a look at a few pictures I snapped and a video of the final walk.

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And a video!