The lemming list for Autumn Winter 2015

Virtual shopping, it's akin to window shopping minus the cardio -- no shirt, no shoes, no problem!

Let's spend some time together surfing the Internet without the guilt. Without further ado, here's my Autumn Winter edit for 2015 for your viewing pleasure.

The Shirt

APOM's (A Part of Me) Dino Cross Back Top - It's fun, it's playful, and it's got dinosaurs! If the price tag weren't so hefty it would already be mine.

The Shoes

Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper collects the best accessories, so it was no surprise when she sported fellow style blogger and friend Chiara Ferragni's Flirting Flat Sandals. Don't take these shoes too seriously, and accept them for what they are -- a wink-y perk me up for any day of the week.

The Handbag

There's no denying the creative duo behind newish accessories label Mansur Gavriel's star is rising. Seriously hoping to hitch my wagon to their very fashionable Crossbody Bag, but it looks like I'll have to hang out for its September release. 

The Lipstick

Shanghai Suzy has eight more shades set to drop some time this April. Miss Victorine and Miss Nina are both begging to make their way into my makeup bag. 

The Dress

The Pleated Pyramid Dress featuring gold, navy, cerulean blue, and loads of symmetry hits all the right notes for me. Please stop it, Gorman -- my wallet can't handle it!

The Palette

The grown up version of all the nude eyeshadow palettes out there. YSL has come to the party, and they pulled out the stops with the Couture Variation Palette. Expect to blow your makeup budget on this little gem.