The makeup sessions: an afternoon with Giorgio Armani's Sebastian

A few Saturdays ago Sebastian worked his magic and introduced me to Giorgio Armani's makeup line. The goal, primarily, was to learn more about the makeup and get the works -- foundation, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, liner and mascara.  I've read the reviews, however I managed to keep Armani's makeup at arm's length out of fear.  The fear which conjured up thoughts of addiction, lust, envy and expense, well, sticker shock. For an hour Sebastian dished about his experience as a makeup artist while painting my face; he grabbed for colours and I just put all of my trust into his talented hands.

The results -- Copper Smoke, a hint of plum and a smattering of brown on the lips.


Out of the whole entire experience, I was pleased as punch with my eyes.  As for my favourite tip I learned that day, Sebastian taught me how to line my eyes with Armani's Smooth Silk Eye Pencil. First, he coloured a bit on his hand in order to warm up the product. Then Sebastian grabbed for his angled eye brush and picked up the freshly drawn on liner from his hand.  This practice, he believes, gives him more control and the ability to line the eyes far more precisely.

As for the goods I walked away with, here's what I purchased..

If you love Sebastian's handiwork, please pay him a visit inside David Jones on Bourke Street, Melbourne.

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