Butter London's Dodgy Barnett - weekly nail review


In a poorly lit room Butter London's Dodgy Barnett carries a regular, silver sheen - but, on a sunny day, go outside and let the light hit your nails.  Pure joy, bliss and a spectacle of colours radiate from your nails.  It's similar to the moment when Wonder Woman joins her cuffs together and bam!


Holographic nail polish has a tendency of becoming almost folkloric.  Only few have claimed to have seen something so rare like a unicorn, fairies or centaurs; for those who look too hard, they actually miss it. The holographic experience is much-loved in the beauty world; the buzz generates quickly and ultimately leads to these precious lacquers selling out.

One coat gives you a peppery shimmer, while two coats provide an almost opaque finish with a multidimensional spectrum of rainbow-y goodness.

If silver holographics aren't your thing, you can always try All Hail the Queen, a beige and silver shimmer holographic or Trustafarian, a sage green and gold holographic.

Dodgy Barnett is my 46th documented manicure since starting Bagful of Notions last October.  If you'd like to see what else I've sported on my nails, please take a gander at the nail library.

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