The Body Shop's Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil - review

Back in August as the US was winding down their summer season, Australia's fashion magazines were ramping up for the races and spring.  I spied in an issue of In Style Australia The Body Shop's Honey Bronze; upon seeing it, I thought it looked eerily like Nars' Body Glow.  If you're looking to save a lot of money, then The Body Shop's version is for you.  As soon as it became available here in Australia (early October) I swooped into my local shop and purchased a bottle.  Stocks were low, but are still available online.  I am all for saving $60 just by purchasing this dupe; you could buy a few other things with that leftover money - like a tube of Nars' lipstick!


The scent is light, if the colour purple carried a scent, this is what it would smell like.  I can't quite pin down the notes, but Honey Bronze lends itself to white flowers.  Over at Aimee Blogs, Aimee claims it's the scent of monoi, which happens to be the very same scent of Nars' Body Glow.  I'll confirm this by visiting the Nars counter inside of Myer.

As for my intended purpose of this product, truthfully I've been saving this baby for summer.  The sun is harsh in the Southern Hemisphere, especially over Australia.  Can you say depleted ozone?  In my late 20's I've become a bit sun conscious/sun safe; much to my Mom's dismay I hit the tanning beds a bit too much during my years at university.  My goal is to have a healthy glow, but not at the expense of my own health.

The Bagful breakdown:

Cost of The Body Shop's Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil:

  • $39.95 for a 100 ml/3.3 ounces

Value for money spent (performance and quality):

  • 10 out of 10 bags; a great product indeed!

Likelihood to purchase from The Body Shop again:

  • Definitely - I need to run over and purchase a tube of Almond Oil Nail and Hand Cream for my desk, but wait a minute, they changed the packaging!  I think a comparison review is in the works!!