Butter's Fairy Lights - weekly nail review

Another stressful work week was upon me, or so I thought.  I let the girls over at French Pink decide my nail polish this week, because I couldn't muster enough brain power; oh the horror!  We went with Butter's Fairy Lights, a limited edition shade released by the company a few years ago.  I tried hunting down this shade through Butter's website, alas, it's not sold there anymore - however, I did manage to find it here and here. Fairy Lights is a shimmery/metallic pink; the shine was high, so high that I had a really difficult time photographing this particular shade.  The photos below don't fully capture the ins and outs of Butter's majestic pink and if you look closely, you might be able to see a reflection of my pink camera.  I will note the one thing I hated about this colour were the greyish undertones; I thought my nails looked dirty as they grew out over the course of the week.  I took some after pictures yesterday morning in order for you to see how much my nails are ravaged by work and life.


Butter London's formula is long-lasting and durable; the only places their polish fails is on my right index and middle fingers. These two fingers are my "worker" fingers and they take the brunt of my abuse; the wear time on the rest of my nails is that of a week plus.