The beauty bits you need to know about before your wedding day

Well, your P.I.C. popped the question, now it's time to start planning one of the biggest days of your life. Truth be told I was the anti-bride which makes me the worst person in the entire world to ask about flowers, limos, and napkin holders or debate about mermaid-style versus ball gown. After all, I did wear black when we eloped, and if he asked me to marry him again we'd do it all the same way. But we're not here to talk about me today, today's all about Lori, who recently asked..

"I came across your blog whilst trying to find a one stop shop in Melbourne for all my beauty needs (getting married in nine months; waxing; rehabilitating brows and lashes). Your blog is really great, but I was wondering if you had any suggestions as to a place (ideally Melbourne CBD or eastern suburbs of Melbourne) that could take care of all of these?"

After a bit of back forth we pinned down Lori's budget (mid-range), Miss Fox is out of the question, unless of course you're looking to treat yo self. The atmosphere is great up there (they even have a bar with bubbles!), however, be prepared to drop some serious cash for this particular one stop shop. 

There's the elusive Made Beauty Space in Hawthorn, I've been itching to get into this place for ages, but they're always booked out. Scheduling issues aside, we're talking the whole enchilada here, facials, manis, pedis, waxing, the lot. Go ahead and book online in your onesie from the comfort of your own home.

If chains are your thing (not the gold kind), Endota Day Spa is another enticing option. I've only visited their location on Flinders Lane, and not once did it ever feel generic. Om-like, and a tad drool-inducing thanks to their massage options.

Before Romina (my brow saviour) relocated to the UK, I used to frequent Allure Skin and Body in Malvern. The ladies here will take care of you from head to toe, to boot they use two of my favourite skincare ranges, Dermaviduals and Aspect. 

I can't leave out Red Carpet Face Spa. Neelu kindly had me over for a facial back in April -- we took things slow with a facial cocktail and brow tint. Facials start at $65, not too shabby. Since writing my review, Neelu has since relocated to Edward Beale's Salon in Armadale.

If you don't mind doing a bit of trotting about, let's break things down a bit further..


Brows & Lash Lifting

  • Brow Theory in Armadale, Melbourne and Hawthorn - "Best Brows Ever." Would you believe me if I told you my brows looked like thin, horizontal question marks?
  • Allison Browning Therapies in Brunswick - a little exy, tho the before and after photos might lure you in
  • Lash and Brow Boudoir in Richmond - their salon menu is vast
  • Miss Brow Bar in Melbourne and South Melbourne - her website is too cute, that is all.


I'm at a loss for waxing, I've only ever been to Miss Fox and surprisingly her price is fairly reasonable for this particular service.


The French Facialist in Prahran - my religion.

Makeup Artist

Cindy Siegemund is all peaches and cream with her glowing skin and flowing red mane. She makes makeup relatable, undaunting, and easy. Cindy is my makeup whisperer.

Finally, if you ever need help making your way around the beauty counters (a personal makeup shopper), there's me. I'll help you get in and out of Myer/David Jones/Mecca unscathed with things you'll actually use.

What about the bits, can't forget about those!

  • Always test out treatments well in advance, especially for those with sensitive skin. Say no-no to redness.
  • The same theory applies for waxing/brow threading, be sure to schedule your last session a week before the big day. 
  • Trial makeup at any of the beauty counters, oh, and ask for samples! The perk here is most of the counters will do your whole face for around $50, which can then be put toward purchasing makeup.

I think that covers it! Congratulations, Lori and best wishes. Let me know how you go.


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On the road review: Essie's lil' boa peep

lil' boa peep

lil' boa peep

Magnetic nail polish is a novelty in my book -- read tons of reviews, but never executed the effect on myself until tonight. Let's just say the experience conjured up memories from the movie Gremlins, you know, "never feed him after midnight!" The polish perked up in some areas of the nail as it gravitated towards the magnet; however, the "effect" was patchy at best. Some nails responded well and the rest fell flat.



Wearing lil' boa peep

Wearing lil' boa peep

Essie's lil' boa peep leaves a lot of room for improvement. The formula was thick, yet glided on smoothly; it also dried quickly, but failed to perform its magic. I even applied clear nail polish atop two coats of lil' boa peep in order to reactivate the magnetic polish, but most nails really weren't having it.

For those who are wondering how the magnet comes into play.. the bulky cover as seen above pops off and reveals the usual Essie cap/applicator. The superficial cover holds the magnet and is meant to hover ever so closely above a freshly painted nail. The experience is scientific at best!

Oh and the Gremlins reference, that had to do with my left index nail; whenever I look at it I think of that moment when the multiplied demonic, furry creatures mutate into torcherous, ankle biting hellions. That sums up the effect on my nail -- blech!

In other news: I've missed you! Yes, lots and lots of shopping has taken place, but it doesn't make up for the fact that we haven't hung out in a while. So, what's new in your world?  And, what do you think of this polish? I figure if I can't get it to work, at least I have a pretty metallic copper shade on my hands. Right?!

If you're interested in a totally newish Essie adventure, get on over to your local CVS and grab one or all six shades. The Repstyle collection retails for approximately $11.99 USD per bottle.

Mani/Pedi time - weekly nail review

Last Saturday I made my usual pitstop at French Pink; I was coming off of another bright week - hello Cheeky Chops!  With all of the assorted colours to choose from, I decided to go with a neutral pink for my nails a la Essie's Ballet Slippers and chose Bermuda Shorts for my toes.  Summer is defintely upon us in the southern hemisphere - my tootsies were hollering for something punchy and bright. I try to go a month plus between pedicures, but I have a feeling that's going to change with sandal weather at the here and now.  More often than not I inevitably end up stubbing my one of my toes, which ruins my pedi.  Case in point, Scott and I were running errands earlier today and I tripped on the stairs; my big toe was chipped and batterd.  Thankfully, I had a mani booked for today - Janice was happy to repair my oops and sent me on my merry way.