Mani/Pedi time - weekly nail review

Last Saturday I made my usual pitstop at French Pink; I was coming off of another bright week - hello Cheeky Chops!  With all of the assorted colours to choose from, I decided to go with a neutral pink for my nails a la Essie's Ballet Slippers and chose Bermuda Shorts for my toes.  Summer is defintely upon us in the southern hemisphere - my tootsies were hollering for something punchy and bright. I try to go a month plus between pedicures, but I have a feeling that's going to change with sandal weather at the here and now.  More often than not I inevitably end up stubbing my one of my toes, which ruins my pedi.  Case in point, Scott and I were running errands earlier today and I tripped on the stairs; my big toe was chipped and batterd.  Thankfully, I had a mani booked for today - Janice was happy to repair my oops and sent me on my merry way.