Sunday Inspiration: InStyle July 2013

The inspiration

The inspiration

My interpretation (sans the Burberry wardrobe)

My interpretation (sans the Burberry wardrobe)

I took a mental image of this month's InStyle magazine featuring the very beautiful Emily Blunt and tasked myself with the challenge of replicating her look. As far as I could tell Emily's wearing minimal foundation -- if you look close enough you can almost see her freckles.

The key colours:

  • Navy
  • Aubergine
  • Silver
  • Pink
  • White

The last three colours must have (IMHO) a frosty finish in order to convey the ethereal, borderline Sci-Fi look the makeup artist was hoping to achieve. As for the rest of the look, Emily's cheeks are subtly sun-kissed and her lips resemble the colour of apricots.

Here's a closer look at my eyes...


What sorts of people or looks inspire you to try something new?

Like my hair? Watch Emily Noel's hair tutorial for a few tips and tricks :)

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