I want! I want! I want!

Polka dots are sort of my thing - we share a long history.  My mom, P-Cakes, purchased a long sleeve, black and white polka dot dress for me when I was 10 years old from Marshalls.  It came with one of those scrunchy-type, alligator clip things you attached to the back of the of it in order to cinch the dress in. I didn't have a waste then, I was more rotund and chubby.  I remember wearing it a lot, so much that my mom fashioned it into a sleeveless dress in order for me to wear it in the summer months.  Somehow, my mom always managed to stretch out my clothes a bit longer; she's a crafty one.

Then there was the dress I purchased for my college graduation from NY and Co (please excuse the grainy photo).  Navy blue and white, sharp, crisp and represented a bit of liberation for me.  My college days were over and life was about to commence.  I held onto this dress for a few years, but it didn't manage to make the cut when I had to decide what could come with me on the big move last year.

For me, polka dots are the sort of thing that you shouldn't take too seriously - they are fun, bubbly and confetti-like.  The contrasting colors are endless and can adorn most anything.  The thing of the moment is polka dotted umbrellas; I saw a ton of people carrying them around the city last night.  My bedspread just might even be covered in polka dots!  I'm sure you'll see it quite often, as it will serve as the backdrop for some of the items I'll be talking about.