Sensory Moment - what I wear

I am often asked which perfume I wear - twice I was asked this very question on Friday.  I take my perfume choices seriously and will only commit once I've tested it on a few occasions or I've taken the time to read in-depth reviews.  These days you can easily spend at least $100 or more on a decent scent and you really don't want to throw your money into the wind on just anything.


On any given day you can find me regularly wearing (not at the same time, of course):

There are a few samples floating about, but I haven't fully invested my energy with respect to testing them out.  With it being summer, I've been reaching for Sur Le Nil and Giulietta and these just happen to be the scents I get asked about the most.  I once had a woman have such a positive reaction to the former, she went and googled Hermes just to see which notes were in it.


Sur Le Nil means a lot to me on an emotional level, because of when and where it was purchased. Scott and I were amidst a post-proposal high; we had just visited the shop where my ring was purchased to tell them I said yes.  After a walk through Vondelpark, we then ventured off to De Bijenkorf (The Beehive) to try to find a bottle of Sur Le Nil in order to replace the sample I finished that morning.  I didn't want to lose the scent I was wearing on that hot July day - I was tired, jet-lagged and unwittingly ambling towards a very special spot. These happen to be the thoughts that rush through my mind whenever I spritz this light floral scent on in the morning.


I had long blond baby soft hair that would knot up from running around and playing all day.  After taking a bath, my mom would spray  on my hair in order to tame the insanity.  For me, Giulietta reminds me of my youthful innocence and the scent of No More Tanlges.


A few other favourites I've worn over the years are Burberry BritClinique HappyPhilosophy Amazing Grace and Fruit and Passion Pink.

What sort of scents are you drawn to?