Inglot Swatches

After a super quick trip to Inglot a few weeks ago, I made sure I scooped up a few bright colours to play with.  Now that think I about it, my new palette reminds me of the colours found in the header. Unrealized and or subconscious inspiration methinks.  Scott waited in the wings as I narrowed down my selections; I decided to go with a freedom palette of five and threw in Inglot's eye makeup base in shade 01 in order to enhance the rainbow.


The other items on my list to purchase were false eyelashes and Duo adhesive.  Since my makeup lesson at Mecca, I've been dying to try to attempt to apply my own. I've only tried this once before and failed miserably; although, I should cut myself some slack because the lashes were tinsel-like and I was rushing to get ready for a Halloween party - never a good mix.  Since swatching close to two weeks ago, I still have yet to try my new colours.  With another rainy day upon us, I am aiming to create something beautiful and eye-catching.