Love, Lust, Loathe: A smattering of my thoughts on Season 4 Project Runway Australia


Ahhh, Project Runway, I've been watching you since the very first season and when I circled the globe to move to Melbourne, I started watching the Australian version as well. The kookiest designers make for the most entertaining, but not necessarily the most talented. Upon my return from the States, I sat down for an epic PR Australia viewing session; I was several episodes behind and I may've found out who won before watching the final episode. The road to glory for Miss Christina Exie was bumpy, interesting and extremely shocking. Without further ado, let me address my final thoughts, in no particular order, below.

  • The final three, or so we thought, were revealed. Tristan, Leah and Jamie made it to the final runway challenge.
  • Former Real Housewife of NY Countess Luann once exclaimed, "money can't buy you class." Well, a $300 budget didn't secure a win for William and in the end he was sent packing. His ploy to handicap Leah with the smallest budget turned out to be his Achilles' heal.
  • Towards the end of the season it was tough to tell where Jamie ended and where Tristan began. The footage of the two of them cackling, ironing, sewing and gossiping together made me wonder why they could be so quietly cruel, yet competitive at the same time. And in the end, did their friendship get in the way of either one securing the final win of the season?
  • Each finalist was consistently inconsistent. One week they'd win or be in the top three and by the next week they were circling the drain.
  • Alex Perry and Megan Gale, what was your angle with giving Jordan and Christina a second chance?
  • And, did anyone think Christina would sneak in and take it all?!
  • To Leah, will you make me a jacket? The one with the curved metal inserts in the shoulders?
  • There was a refreshing and real moment when Alex Perry helped Leah in the workroom during the model fittings.
  • Finally, did Christina win because, while her aesthetic is viewed/classified as avant-garde, she wouldn't necessarily make it on her own had she lost?

Here's a look at what these talented designers churned out for the final challenge.

PRA Models

PRA Models

My personal favourite designer of the season is Leah; I think she would've won had she lacked the business acumen she possesses and was repeatedly praised for by the judges.

So, what are your thoughts on this season's happenings?

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