HRH - Regality at its finest - weekly nail review

I've been getting my nails done regularly for the past few months; as a result, my nails have become strong and beautiful.  The investment has been worth it, because I am really hard on my nails.  My daily job deals a lot with paper, typing and everything in between. I sometimes even use my nails as tools - terrible, I know.  Now that I pay for maintaining my nails, I am especially mindful of not nibbling on my nails or using them in lieu of a staple remover. Scott's the first to admit he doesn't know much about fashion, but I figured he might want to pick out my colour this week; his input - green or purple.

Purple it is, better know as HRH (Her Royal Highness) by Butter London.  I think Queen Elizabeth would be green with envy; a few random cosmetic girls even gave me kudos for this shade.