Giving into dots: AG Stevie Polka Dot Ankle Jeans


Did you know that Anthropologie ships to practically everywhere in the world?  I didn't - that was until I broke down and ordered the AG Stevie Polka Dot Ankle jeans I had been lusting after for months!

Almost on a daily basis I checked Anthro's site hoping they'd be on sale.  Stalking (not the creepy kind) pays, because they finally went on sale.  When I checked out, I also discovered Anthro accepts Paypal!


International shipping




Colour me happy.

I ordered my jeans on a Friday and received them about a week and a half later here in Melbourne.

These jeans are super soft, wrinkle-resistant and are the perfect length for the verically-challenged (don't worry, I fit into this category too).

If you love these jeans as much as I do, the coral version is still available for purchase online.

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