Butter London's Slapper - weekly nail review

I had to look up the definition of the word slapper and without mincing words, I've taken it's meaning as a woman who is somewhat loose. I get that Butter London is trying to be a bit tongue-in-cheek with some of their names, but when I see this colour those sort of thoughts don't come to mind.  Slapper is bold, a bit poppy (in the sense that it's the colour you'd find featured in a piece of Andy Warhol's pop art) and pretty much punches/slaps you in the face.  Creamy, teal and smooth - it's a colour that can be worn year round and catches the eye of all nail polish lovers.  Can you say nail envy?

When these photos were taken last Saturday, it was hot (close to 40 degrees c) and I was about to leave for the beach.  Yesterday it was absolutely bucketing; just looking at these photos leaves me begging for summer.