A peek inside my GlossyBox

Scott and I always manage to miss the postman whenever he attempts to deliver packages for me.   Inevitably I have to make the trek to the collection facility, which is a mere two blocks away; however trying to get there during their operating hours proves to be the trickiest part.  Thankfully I made it in time to get my Glossy Box before it was shipped back to wherever it came from.  This month did not disappoint. It's Valentine's Day themed and everything!!

The thing that I love most is Bobbi Brown's Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara.  I first tried another variant of Bobbi Brown's mascara during my lesson with Cindy and was so excited to see it in February's box.  I'm not terribly picky with my mascara, but I love the fact that you can put on coat after coat of this stuff and it never manages to clump.  If I could make another mascara recommendation to Holly of Nothing But Bonfires I would, but she's already narrowed down her selection.

The rate at which I devour mascara is really similar to the pace of a snail.  I'm still using a tube I purchased in January 2010; I know, it's probably past it's prime, but I see no signs of pink eye!  Gross. If I do the math for the tube I received via my special delivery, I figure it is valued at $24.00 AUS given it's half the size what's sold in store ($48.00 AUS for 6 ml).  And I'm lost - I don't think I have enough fingers and toes to compute the rest.  Put it simply, my lil' treasure is a steal!

Here are my lashes with a healthy coat of Lash Glamour… mascara followed up with a comb through. If you ever get a chance to splurge on a monthly delivery service, do it!  Given the current state of the world's economy, most women are reaching for lipstick, because it's far more affordable than buying those really cute boots or designer purse.