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Hourglass' Ambient Palettes

Hourglass' Ambient Palettes

I'm not typically into feel good sayings, and affirmations, but I've been in a bit of a quandary this week -- "never stop wondering..," it's resonated with me for some reason.

Earlier this week I contemplated shuttering Bagful, but after repeated pleas from my husband, Scott, I decided to put on my thinking cap to figure out what my next big step is; where does Bagful go from here? 

There's no denying that I'm into makeup. I love it on a therapeutic level. Stepping inside of my bathroom, makeup kit in hand, is transformative; I get excited about brightening my mostly happy skin, defining my eyes, and perking up my lips. And, I've found what's worked for me through trial and error over the past 15+ years or so since I started really dabbling with the stuff that gets my heart all aflutter. 

Taking a cue from the title of this very blog, Bagful of Notions, my buzzing mind wants to learn more, read lots, and share loads with you. From here on out, the primary purpose of this particular makeup-y space will attempt to not only educate myself, but you as well. Let's delve into skincare, makeup application techniques, geeky makeup topics, and tl;dr reviews featuring amazing photography (or, so I hope).

I'm only guessing that some of the content I'll eventually produce will be labour intensive, so until I really find my groove posts will continue to be infrequent over the next few weeks.

From the bottom of my makeup bag, I thank you for stopping by (for clarity, this isn't a goodbye, more like see you tomorrow!).