A hair journey

A lot can change in a year, including your hair

A lot can change in a year, including your hair

What's that?

I've been super indecisive with my hair as you can tell and the only things that have remained consistent is the location of my part and the halo of baby hairs. I know my hair intimately, the ins and outs of its texture, its behaviour, its whims and the fact that I get bored with it very quickly. After chopping off more than six inches back in January, I quickly realised the error of my ways and longed for my security blanket to envelop my shoulders, to tickle the backs of my arms, to fall in my face and obscure my vision.

Short hair requires attention, time, heat, product and a bit of magic. While I don't possess magical abilities, nor do I have a wand conveniently tucked away in my back pocket. I have, however, been biding my time by making the most of my hair while it grows out to a yet to be determined length.

After the hair journey

After the hair journey

It's been a few weeks since my hair was last trimmed* and while I was a bit nervous about the shorter layers, I now understand their function -- to give my thin, fine hair a touch of fullness and bounce. 

Impatience and boredom is a dangerous cocktail, whence shaken and served can lead to a nasty hangover filled with regret. Now that I've sobered up, I'm making amends with my hasty decision. Don't circle the drain only to get swallowed in.

This metaphor merely serves as a cautionary tale: I wasn't ready to cut my hair. Do me a favour and buy one of these if you're experiencing a moment of weakness. 

Can you tell short hair isn't for me, then again Nicole Warne makes it look so good.

What's your hair journey been like?


*The wickedly generous team over at Rakis Salon recently invited me over to experience a hair journey with a little help from Kerastase's latest release, Discipline. My hair was cut and styled by David, a hair genie with a golden smile.