Weekly nail review: Hello Darling's Trumped

Hello Darling's Trumped

Hello Darling's Trumped

Hello Darling's Trumped isn't without its luster, shine and golden sparkle. Trumped is opaque after two coats, however I did notice brush strokes in the finish. With that said, this is a common occurrence in most metallic formulas. The only thing I cannot comment on is wear, because I had to remove my polish prior to Erin's Nail Art Class. From wearing other Hello Darling shades, I can attest their formula lasts at least seven days.

Scott and I have been a bit obsessed with the TV show Parks and Recreationmore specifically the character progression throughout its latest season. Recently we've seen a lot of Councilman Jamm, a dentist by trade who manages to screw things up for the main character Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler. Jamm is a bit of an opportunist and usurper -- his hijinx entail bribing Leslie out of her office, fighting to bring Ponch Burger to Pawnee, interrupting Leslie and Ben's wedding, suing Ron for $50 Million and even accepting bribes for votes. Truth be told, he's a bit of a jerk who exclaims stupid things like, "you've been Jammed," "Retro Jammed!," etc. I've likened this character to Donald Trump (this is how I've landed the plane, folks!); they both have bad hair, come up with some lamebrained ideas and don't mind touting the fact they're moneyed up.

You can so see Trump saying, "you've been Trumped" now, admit it.