Week 3 of the 12 week challenge - update

Rome wasn't built in a day, yada yada.  Nor am I looking for any miracles or quick fixes. Three weeks ago I stood (and still do) at approximately 158 cm, weighed 77.8 kg and had a BMI of 39%.  To put it bluntly, I am a rotund girl who is very petite in height.  Anything that I put in my mouth will surely make its way to my hips and or thighs.  I certainly realise in order for me to stay in relatively decent shape, I pretty much need to exercise five times a week.

I've committed myself to a new exercise regimen since the 19th of March and have managed to lose 900 grams (1.98 pounds) and 2.5% body fat.  Overall, I am ecstatic over losing something each week. Sacrifices have been made, but I still make sure I fit in a sweet treat or two when the time is right. I'm not aiming to deprive myself, because I don't want to make this experience miserable for myself, my husband or for my trainers.

Here are some other happy moments for me...

  • I can now run a kilometre without stopping
  • I shaved about two minutes off my time from January to April.  In other words, I can now run a kilometre in a little over six minutes
  • My new pants are too big for me; time to go shopping, I guess

Like I said before, I am not looking for miracles.  I just want to be happier and healthier in my skin. Plus, I want to live to forever in order to spend the rest of my days with Scott.

I'll check in with you in a few weeks.  This weekend's been a wash thanks to Easter and Scott's birthday:)