Pink, Pinker, Pinkest!

I am often inspired by those who dare to be different, although, one look at me and you'd think I am a regular girl.  Most days I wear blush, highlighter and a bit of cover up; next time you see me, just take a peek at my nails!


A few months ago LC and the rest of the girls at The Beauty Department featured their love for ombre nails and hair.  The varying shades of blues resonated with me and I carried this mental image for months.  A couple of weeks ago, I finally worked up enough courage to ask my manicurist, Mira, at French Pink to re-create the ombre look I had in my mind.  Initially, I think she thought I was a bit nuts, but at the same time Mira was game for something new.  Between both collections carried by French Pink, we chose pinks in varying shades by Essie for my fingers and the cranberry-ish color for my thumbs is by Butter London. I neglected to write down the colors we picked, but I think you should pick whatever tickles your fancy.

I guess what truly pushed me to make the leap was the thought of an upcoming stressful week; I wanted to be able to look down at my hands and smile.  The colors worked really well together and were so eye-catching - I received compliments from lots of my female and male co-workers.

Manicurist, yep, I have one.  Please don't judge me.  I pay a cool $40.00 a week to get them done and it's worth the investment.  The conversations I've had with the girls have been enjoyable and the half hour it takes them to do my mani is a well deserved time out from life.  And the final results, well, I think my nails speak for themselves.