Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Swatches and Review


Anyone who watches YouTube makeup tutorials should be familiar with Makeup Geek. One of my favourite Makeup Geek videos is "How To: Blend Your Eyeshadow Like a Pro" which I have watched many times to help me with my eyeshadow blending technique. The beautiful and talented CEO, Marlena, has created her own makeup line. At present, it consists of pan and compact eyeshadows, lipsticks, and gel eyeliners. Today I've got some eyeshadow swatches here for you.

I purchased these a while back when Makeup Geek had a 20% off sale (if you follow them on Twitter/Facebook, you should be able to keep an eye out for any future sales). Since I love to experiment with colour but don't want to spend a lot of money on shades I won't use often, I bought mostly bright eyeshadows.


Burlesque - a dark, brownish burgundy with a touch of shimmer. On my skintone it pulls much browner and less red/purple than the swatch on the Makeup Geek site. I still love it, it's great for a warm, smokey brown look.

Razzleberry  - a bright red with gold glitter. I think some people have experienced irritation with red eyeshadows -- this was fine on my sensitive eyes until I forgot I was wearing eye makeup and rubbed my right eye. My left eye (which I didn't touch) was perfectly fine.

Mango Tango - a peachy pink with some gold glitter, noticeably less gold glitter than Razzleberry. This shade is great for summer, it's bright and fun.

Shimmermint - a shimmery, pale green. I love this for a soft, light, spring look.

Sea Mist - a rich teal with gold glitter. I like to use this with light turquoise eyeshadows for an ocean inspired look.

Unexpected - a matte mauve-y brown. I like to use this for blending out looks if I don't want to use a nude brown colour. I've seen it described as a dupe for MAC's Quarry.

Sensuous - a warm purple with gold glitter. A potential dupe for MAC's Trax.

Overall, I'm very impressed with these Makeup Geek eyeshadows. The shades with glitter do have a bit of fallout (I have yet to find a glitter eyeshadow without fallout!) so if you want to make the glitter stick, I suggest using a sticky or creamy base. The eyeshadows are pigmented, easy to apply and blend well. With these I didn't notice much fading or creasing, but it might have something to do with always wearing eyeshadows over a base.

I ordered the pan form which come in a sleeve similar to MAC's eyeshadow pans; they fit into MAC's 4 pan and 15 pan eyeshadow palettes. However, there's a hitch, Makeup Geek pans aren't magnetic -- in order to get around this I stuck small magnets on the back of each pan. If eyeshadow pans aren't your thing, you can also order them in small compacts.

The pans are $5.99USD and compacts are $7.99USD. I ordered these when I lived in the US and shipping was $3.94. They do ship internationally, so I recreated this order, selected Australia as the destination and shipping starts at $5.77USD.

Makeup Geekeyeshadows are cruelty free :)

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