The guinea pig diaries: Emjoi's PediSmooth Plus

No one likes snaggle toe, no one. With Winter and Spring in my rearview mirror, my feet have been barking for a little TLC. In between visits to French Pink I try to scrub my feet and keep them hydrated, but my frequent gym sessions often leave my feet parched! We're talking totally toe-up!

Cue Emjoi's PediSmooth Plus!


It's a handy little device with whirring bits and bobs and man does it smooth my soles! This contraption comes with two removable and washable rollers, a protective cover, brush and carry bag. For testing purposes I started off with the light pink roller (intended for coarse skin), whereas the white roller is grittier for tougher/drier feet. Baby steps, people!

Tips for use:

  • To start make sure your feet are both clean and dry.
  • Choose the appropriate roller for your feet's current state and insert it into the head of the device.
  • There are two speed options -- low and high. I opted for the low speed to start and then switched to the higher speed on a couple of trouble spots.
  • Once you've reached your desired results, wipe off your feet and sanitise the device.
  • Never submerge Emjoi's PediSmooth Plus in water unless you want to say bye bye to this goody.
  • Whilst the rollers are washable, it's suggested to rinse these babies off -- these can't be submerged in water either.
  • In terms of use, keep your hand moving, don't apply pressure and don't stay on one area for more than 2-3 seconds. PediSmooth Plus primarily needs guidance.

With the last point, it's not an attempt to scare you (and you shouldn't be), it's something to be mindful of when using.


PediSmooth Plus retails for $39.95 AUS and is perfect for people who want quick results with minimal work involved.

I'm sold!

*Beauty Directory and Emjoi provided me with a free PR sample in exchange for this review.  Thoughts and ramblings written here are completely my own.