Deborah Lippmann's Hollaback Girl with glitter fade - weekly nail review


Recently Deborah Lippmann put together a nail collection called Run the World (Girls) and wouldn't you know, each polish is named after a hit single containing the word "girl".  Run the World (Girls) does neon, but all grown up; thanks for this late 80's time capsule. For my first manicure experience with Blonde Tiger, Erin (formerly of French Pink) chose to do a glitter fade atop Lippmann's Hollaback Girl -- a matte neon orange.


Before painting my nails, Erin filed my nails and trimmed my cuticles and then she treated me to her homemade scrub. Erin's witches brew smelled so fantastic I could've lapped it out of the bowl; from what I can recall, her scrub combined lemon, gritty sugar and vanilla scented oil. After rinsing my hands, the aroma and feel left behind was decadent and soft.

The conversation and environment was solid -- we discussed her recent trip to the States, the upcoming election (g(O)bama!) and the salon space she shares with an eyebrow waxer and eyelash extension-air.

If you're looking for a day to treat yo' self, then please leave your worries at the doorstep of the beauty compilation, if you will, over on Level 1, 270 Russell Street, Melbourne.