Eyes to mesmerise: Burberry's Complete Eye Palette in Dark Spice No. 5

Silky soft, buttery, seductive - Burberry's Dark Spice makes everything nice and it's especially easy on the eyes. On the wallet, not so much -- but that's besides the point ;)

The Complete Eye Palette Collection is comprised of six palettes and I went with the palette that made me the most uncomfortable (in a good way). Typically I reach for purples or sandy neutrals, but the juxtaposition of marigold and matte charcoal black had me at hello; the golden brown and chocolatey burnt sienna shades aren't so bad either.


So, what makes this Complete Eye Palette so special? It comes with three bite-size brushes nestled in a black velvet pouch imprinted with the iconic Burberry plaid pattern. Truth be told, the small brushes weren't the selling point -- the opportunity to try new colours with an impeccable formula is what works for me.

The colours are laid within the pan in such a way which proposes its intended use and potential.

Matte Charcoal Black - the smallest of the four, but a little goes a long way. Use it to line and create added depth at the outer corners of your eyes.

Marigold - the second smallest. This canary can carry a tune; it works well on its own and also as a great base for the chocolatey burnt sienna hue. I used this colour to highlight the inner corners of my eyes too.

Golden Brown with a microscopic specks of gold - the smoke starter; lay this colour down third and then blend the black shade in last for a smoky look.

Chocolatey Burnt Sienna - it's a foxy chameleon; blend over Marigold in order to bring out its orange undertones. Or, go for a dark brown look by taking Marigold out of the equation.




For the look above I used MAC's Shroom as an all over colour; Trench will also do if you have that in your compilation of colours.

Want to shave off a little time in the morning? I skipped lining my upper lash line thanks to the intensity of Dark Spice.

Oh and word to the wise before departing the counter with your wares. Check the contents of the box to make sure it's what you wanted; the exterior label read Dark Spice, but the compact inside was Mocha. It's nothing the ol' switcheroo can't fix.

The Bagful breakdown:

Total amount for Burberry's Complete Eye Palette in Dark Spice no. 5:

  • $85.00 AUS / $59.00 USD

Value for money spent (performance and quality):

  • 10 out of 10 bags — Love this palette <3

Likelihood to purchase: