A peek at the cheeks: Gorgeous Cosmetics' Cheek Creme in Caramel Whip


Brandied coffee, honey wine, creme caramel.. are you drooling yet?

Gorgeous Cosmetics packaged your next natural flush in a petite plastic compact -- the thing is, there are are six colours to choose between. Do you feel like a glass of tawny port or a helping of strawberry shortcake? It all depends on your appetite :)

Swatch of Caramel Whip

Swatch of Caramel Whip

I felt inclined to scoop up Caramel Whip. The texture is creamy, the colour payoff is equivalent to the contents of the pan (as it should be) and application is a cinch. For those who don't have a foundation brush, your ring finger will do. As for wear time, Caramel Whip lasted 10+ hours.

In terms of concerns, I was worried about layering a cream blush over my powder foundation. So, how did I overcome this? By repeatedly dabbing my cheeks. It was a "slow" uphill climb, but I eventually reached the burnt pink peak.

Wearing Caramel Whip

Wearing Caramel Whip


Now, who wants pie?

The Bagful breakdown:

Total amount for Gorgeous Cosmetics' Cheek Creme in Caramel Whip:

Value for money spent (performance and quality):

  • 10 out of 10 bags — I like not having to think while applying my makeup

Would another purchase be on the horizon?: