Sprinkled Nail Polish Cupcake-style


Hungry for a different kind of polish?  Searching high and low for something sweeter?  London-based nails inc. has got you covered with their Special Effects Sprinkles nail polish.  I love shimmer and shine as much as the next girl, but sometimes sugar and spice makes everything, well, nice!

I have yet to try these for myself - believe me when I tell you I will be placing my order before this evening is through.  This range is available in four shades -  Sugar House Lane, Sweets Away, Pudding Lane & Topping Lane and retails for approximately $12 AUS.

After doing some hunting and clicking around on their site, I couldn't determine whether the myriad of formals are '3-free' (DBP, toulene and formaldehyde).  I'll try to do a bit more research in the meantime.

Oh, and nails inc. is coming to Australian beauty counters soon!