Sephora wishlist

Wish list

Wish list

In a little less than three weeks I'll be off to States to see my parents, my Grammy (shh, she doesn't know yet) and my friends. I can't believe two years has passed so quickly; I remember touching down in Melbourne in a state of panic -- I honestly thought I'd get deported for bringing Mentos (the fresh maker ;) ) from Singapore. Silly, I know.

Melbourne has a lot of ups, but the general price gauging and limited selection of makeup brands leaves me lusting for a lot. Upon my arrival to Vegas the plan is to first visit In & Out Burger; once I'm fat and happy, Sephora will be the next pit stop. I'm not picky P-Cakes: The Venetian, Town Square, Miracle Mile or The Forum Shops will do. I optimistically say this now, but jet-lag might win out. We shall see.

Here's a selection from my lust list:

What's on your wish list?