Organization at its finest

What's a girl to do when she has nothing planned for a two week holiday?  Still confined to the indoors thanks to my heavy dose of antibiotics, I turned into a cleaning and organizing machine.  I was growing tired of fumbling through my cosmetic bag and lusting after something a bit more substantial.  The Makeup Box Shop has a myriad of options, but I am not spending hundreds of dollars for plastic drawers!  The company is Australia-based, so I am a bit confused as to why they sell them at such insane price points.  Am I being unreasonable here? With the free time I had last week, I hunted around for a cheaper alternative.  My makeup collection has grown exponentially since starting this blog and, well, my bag was not getting any bigger!  During a quick pit stop at Lincraft, I found an assorted amount of plastic storage systems typically used for notions!  Fate was knocking and the options were cheap!!  I plunked down $15 and skipped on my merry way home.  The goal here was to preserve my makeup by keeping it in a cool and dark place; I am all about longevity when it comes to my makeup as it has been a huge investment - I make no bones about it.  I also didn't want my makeup to go rogue or smash into smithereens if it accidentally fell out of my bag.

My Vera Bradley cosmetic bag will still remain a staple, but it will only make an appearance whenever I travel.  I can't part ways with my roots!  I finally broke down and purchased this bag the night before I moved from the U.S. to Australia via Amsterdam and Singapore.  I warned you there was more to my Vera story.  From November 2008 to September 2010 I worked at Vera Bradley part-time - keep in mind this was a second job; I held down a full-time job working for a glass and glazing company just outside of Boston.  I come from very humble pie beginnings; I practically killed myself by working through college and then I somehow always managed to hold down a second job as a means to support myself and to also pay off my education.  College, by definition is a place where you get a piece of paper telling you you're "smaht" (had to throw the "Boston" accent in there), and then what?  Bills pour in for the next 10 (if you're lucky) to 20 years, reminding you of the "best" years of your life.  Truth be told, the best thing to come out of my four years at Suffolk is my bestie Diana; she reads this lil' blog and has been my cheerleader through thick and thin.

Forgive me for the nostalgia, but my only forms of communication with the lovely Miss D and MB for that matter have been via Facebook (damn you!), Twitter and e-mail.  And I'd like to apologize for only being able to track down this photo; a lot of my possesions were given away, sold, thrown out, moved or stored in a box - which reminds me, I need to have that lone box shipped!

Wordly possesions can be compartmentalized, organized and stored to your liking, but I can never shake the bonds I've made, have and will make in the future.  Until then, I will just admire my super cute (notions) makeup organizer.