Natralus' Paw Paw Pure Gel

Come December I'll be toting Natralus' Paw Paw Pure Gel in my purse and gym bag. Between the strong sun, all sorts of bugs and spiders waiting to attack their prey (with my luck, me) and my sensitive skin, I'll be needing all of the help I can get. Natralus' Paw Paw Gel is colour, alcohol and fragrance free. This South Australia-based brand also doesn't test on animals. Paw Paw (yes, the fruit), aloe vera and vitamin E work together and fight a host ailments -- bug bites, rashes, sunburns. Paw Paw Pure Gel might not be as glamorous as the next big lipstick or nail polish, but riddle me this... will either item soothe your skin? I don't think so ;) If gel isn't to your liking, Natralus has an ointment version -- a little goes a long way.


Between my being a calamity Jane at times and general delicate flower nature, I smeared a bit of the Paw Paw Pure Gel on random scratches and cuts earlier this week; things have since healed up quite nicely.

Word to the wise upon opening the tube: remove the protective foil and then give it a good squeeze into the trash in order to get it flowing. Let's just say I had an accident and wasted a bit of product in the process.

Select Natralus products can be purchased from the following online retail locations:

Small tubes (7g) on average retail for $3.50 AUS. Not too shabby.

*Natralus provided me with free full size samples in exchange for this review.  Thoughts and ramblings written here are completely my own.