Napoleon Perdis' Set Eye Primer Review

I have a slight problem, my eyelids are fairly oily; this leads to shadow creasing and my handiwork suffers greatly.  I don't want to be fluttering my eyes at Scott while knowing things are slipping and clumping - can you say Maginot Line in the works?  I have tried lots of different products based on recommendations from friends and makeup artists, reviews I've read online and just by taking a good ol' chance on something that promised to preserve. During a recent outing to Priceline, I purchased a tube of Napoleon Perdis' Set Eye Primer and last night I finally opted to use this over Urban Decay's Primer Potion in Sin.  The texture of Napoleon Perdis' Eye Primer was silky smooth initially and then it turned oily upon applying it to my lids.  It was so oily, I was able to fix a mistake I made after lining my eyes with MAC's Fluidline; I dragged my pinky along my lash line and erased my blunder.  After recovering from my shaky application, I continued on while making sure I applied my shadow with a heavy hand.  I wanted to put Napoleon's product through the wringer in order to see how well it could perform.


Makeup application was completed around 5 o'clock yesterday evening and I noticed shadow drifting around 10 PM during a visit to the restroom; five hours wear time?  Unacceptable!  Not knowing what to expect, I honestly walked away severly disappointed.  Napoleon Perdis is a household name here in Australia and is even sold in Target throughout America; I don't think this brand lived up to the buzz.

Maybe next time I will line this on my lids before using liquid liner; I think it'll serve as shaky hand insurance.

The Bagful breakdown:

Total amount spent on Napoleon Perdis' Set Eye Primer:

  • $18.00 AUS

Value for money spent (performance and quality):

  • 3 out of 10 bags; why would I want to give my eyeshadow legs to move around even more?

Likelihood to purchase another NP product:

  • Pfft - I don't think I'll be trying out Napoleon's high-end range either.  Perhaps you can convince me otherwise.