MAC's Keep It Loose - swatch and review

Casual Color

Released in eight shades last week, MAC's Keep It Loose resonated with me the most.  I honestly think I was still coming down from Something Special's peachy hue; I even checked with a sales associate her thoughts before purchasing.  The main point of difference is Keep It Loose has orange undertones, whereas Something Special leans pink.


The main purpose for this collection's release, I believe, was to break up two major summer collections Hey, Sailor and Heavenly Creatures.  Why not soften the blow by selling a small array of multitaskers?  I liken this to the centre of a Double Stuffed Oreo - light, creamy and the presence of milk is optional.  In Keep It Loose's case, colour can be applied to the lips, cheeks or both! Ultimately, it's all about having options.

In order to cap off my smoky Chanel look, I applied Keep It Loose onto the apples of my cheeks and painted my lips too.  If you don't own a brush similar to MAC's 190 Foundation Brush, your fingers will do.  Keep it Loose appeared dewy and natural on my cheeks, whereas my lips looked washed out and matte; after taking the pictures you'll see here, I freshened up my lips with a bit of clear gloss.

Trying to keep things Loose

Trying to keep things Loose

Keep It Loose
Lips and cheeks

After taking Keep It Loose out for a test drive last night, I definitely think this peach of a shade makes for a great blush, but I have reservations with using it on my lips again. Personally, I found it to be drying and the colour wasn't all that flattering on my super pigmented lips.

Total amount for MAC’s Keep It Loose:

  • $41.00 AUS and retails for $20.00 USD back in the States.

Value for money spent (performance and quality):

  • 7 out of 10 bags – I should've had it applied to my cheeks before plunking down my moola.

Likelihood to purchase again:

  • Maybe another hue can persuade me to change my mind.  Thoughts?

Like my Chanel-inspired cardigan/blazer?  You can pick one up at your local ZARA; however, I could only find the pullover