Jelly Sandwich Manicure featuring Australis' Fairy Bread and Essie Marshmallow

A while back I bought Essie's Marshmallow since I didn't have a white nail polish in my stash. I wanted to use it underneath a glitter polish, but I didn't realise it was a sheer polish which required several coats for full opacity and was a little bit disappointed. I decided to Google the name and see what other people thought and how they were using it -- that's how I discovered Jelly Sandwich Manicures. For those who aren't familiar, it's when you layer a sheer (also known as "jelly") nail polish in between layers of a glitter nail polish, hence the name "jelly sandwich". The end result is pretty cool, as the glitter is suspended in the layers of the jelly polish.


First, I started with two layers of Essie Marshmallow, followed by one layer of Australis' Fairy Bread, then another layer of Marshmallow, a second layer of Fairy Bread and a final layer of Marshmallow. The end result was quite thick so I probably could've gotten away with just one coat of Marshmallow to start with and maybe one thick layer of Fairy Bread. As you can see, by layering the sheer white polish over the glitter polish, it mutes the shine and makes it much more subtle. The glitter particles in Fairy Bread are very bright, colourful and shiny on their own, so layering a sheer on top gives it a different look.


Fairy Bread is a limited edition shade from Australis, if you're interested I would definitely suggest picking it up sooner rather than later. I didn't have trouble finding it at Priceline here in Perth -- it's still available on Priceline's website and is currently out of stock on Australis' website.


I purchased Essie's Marshmallow from CVS in the US, check your local Myer if you live in Australia. For those willing to buy online or wanting to buy multiple polishes, I'd suggest finding a retailer who ships to Australia since Myer sells these for $18.95AUD, however, the US RRP is around $8. I looked online and Trans Design, Inc. seems to be a popular choice for ordering nail polishes; Essie polishes are only $5.95USD! I've never ordered from them before, so I created a basket with five polishes and the cheapest shipping option was $23USD.

Because of the flammable nature of nail polish combined with shipping, I think this option will always be pricey. I haven't ordered Essie online, but I've ordered China Glaze from Head2Toe Beauty and shipping was $17USD for five bottles (the combined price was still cheaper than any other website I found). My total order cost from Head2Toe Beauty was $34USD and it took about two weeks for delivery.