GlossyBox Review

Earlier this month Scott said he ordered me a Christmas present, but it couldn't be a surprise because I had to provide him with some information.  I wasn't sure what it could be, so I let him tell me; he ordered me a GlossyBox subscription.  In the US, Birchbox is the equivalent; I've been a bit jealous about Australia not partaking in the samples business, until I read a review by Lilit of Makeup and Macaroons.  Upon the mere mention of a sample beauty service, I did some googling and hallelujah, GlossyBox's webiste was located! I think I squealed for a few moments to the point where I heard Scott laughing at me.  Little did I know the seed was planted when I told him what got me to jump for joy - completely unintentional, I swear! When I arrived home from work, Scott sat me down and had me answer a survey in order to help tailor my monthly GlossyBox subscription.  The questions are detailed and thorough; they asked about my skin and beauty regimen, my interests and how I go about keeping up with trends in the beauty industry.  All told, the survey took a total of 5-10 minutes.  Because Scott placed the order in mid-December, I was convinced I wouldn't see my first delivery until well after the New Year, but lo and behold…

[nggallery id=9]

Apparently, the postman tried to drop off this package on Wednesday afternoon while we were both at work.  I ran over Thursday morning and retrieved this little package o' joy; I may've been late for work, but it was for a worthy cause!  I even snapped some photos during my lunch break - excited much?!  I am grateful GlossyBox expedited this package so quickly, but a bit bummed at the same time.  I can't use John Frieda's Go Blonder Lightening Spray; I am a brunette and I don't want to turn my hair pumpkin orange.

I have a feeling next month's special delivery will be a collection of perfection.  I can't wait for January!

Since receiving my package, I've tried:

  • Gorgeous Lip Pencil in Scarlette - upon softening and sampling, this berry red colour came alive
  • Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer - light and creamy in texture and unscented to boot!
  • CK Forbidden Euphoria - crisp, soft and candy-like.  It reminds me of Prada's Candy; perhaps CK's version is a cheaper dupe?!

The Bagful breakdown:

Total amount per month for GlossyBox's service:

  • $14.95 AUS

Value for money spent (performance and quality):

  • 9 out of 10 bags; I would've given it a 10/10 had they waited for my survey to arrive, but I can understand why they sent it so quickly

Likelihood to purchase:

  • Once my subscription is close to completion, I will be renewing this service for 2013; I'll keep you posted about all of the other goodies I'll be receiving throughout the year