G A R E T H P U G H for MAC - Hyper first impressions

If you keep up with me on Twitter, you would know that I made a special field trip to the MAC pro store on Chapel Street this past Monday. By heading there specifically, I knew I would have a shot at picking something up; I already checked with the MAC store inside of Myer and they informed me their store was getting a limited amount of stock.  If you live for limited releases and special editions, it is best to get in and out the moment a collection is unveiled or you run the risk of missing out.  I learned the hard way when MAC to the Beach for Summer 2010 came out. I was truly intrigued by the packaging, the overall emotion conveyed and the darker colour scheme. While I wasn't too familiar with Gareth Pugh before, I think I should be by now.  Pugh is a fairly dark version of Alexander McQueen (now deceased) and he even reminds me of Project Runway's very own Chris March; I still can't believe he used real hair as a textile!  I read the reviews back in November and then had to wait a mind-numbing amount of time until it landed in Australia.  This waiting thing will be a never-ending theme; case in point, I placed my name on a list with Chanel in order to be notified when their Spring 2012 makeup collection becomes available (it drops in mid-February).

All I had to do was sneak out of work at lunch time and make my way to MAC and back by 1 PM - no sweat!  I hoofed it some of the way and then melted from the heat the rest of the way on the tram; it's summer here and it's been hot!  Once I made it through the entrance I eagerly glanced around for the display, but it was nowhere to be seen.  Struck with panic, I then looked for an associate to quell my fears and calm my nerves; in that moment I was thinking I had wasted my precious lunch hour!  I inadvertently skipped through the door so quickly, I failed to notice this to my left…

Photo taken on the sly w/ my iPhone (sorry for the horrible quality)

Photo taken on the sly w/ my iPhone (sorry for the horrible quality)

After asking loads of questions I decided to walk away with just a bottle of Hyper; I couldn't really rationalize investing in the entire this 18-piece collection.  Much to my Mom's bewilderment, I am not getting paid to blog - it's just for fun!  Hyper by MAC's definition is a"deep blue with violet pearl." One might consider it to be a duochrome, but that only holds true in the bottle; once painted it appears to be a dark and broody blue.  I'll be sure to bring this colour to the girls at French Pink and have them paint my nails - stay tuned for next week's nail review.

Go goth if you dare!

The Bagful breakdown:

Total amount for MAC Hyper:

  • $33.00 AUS / $23.00 USD

Value for money spent (performance and quality):

  • 10 out of 10 bags - read more about Hyper here

Likelihood to purchase again: