Fuzzy Memories

My aunt dug out a few old photos recently as she prepared to sell my grandmother's house back in Massachusetts. It's amazing what you can find in a house that's been a part of our family for approximately 60 years! This is our version of the Diamond Jubilee. My grandfather, 'Grampy', who passed away 18 years ago once served in the Royal Canadian Army. His love for the British monarchy was undying; when saying good bye he even made sure to say "Cheerio." As superficial as that sounds, I will honesty never be able to understand just how deep that love went since I never got the chance to ask - I was only 10 when he passed.

Here's a picture of my Grampy from when he was a youth living in Prince Edward Island.


Some say my cousin Scott looks like him, but I'd like to think my Dad and I also have his smile.

And this, my friends, marks entry #100.  It might not be makeup-related and quite honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.