Essie's Super Bossa Nova - weekly nail review

Two weeks of vacation is too long, especially when I had to do my own nails last week due to French Pink closing shop between Christmas and New Year.  I wanted something bright and lively to ensure I'd start my first week back at work and that's where Super Bossa Nova came in.  Brazilian flair with a twist of Nicki Minaj - I don't follow her music, but I think she'd approve.  After all, she collaborated with MAC in November 2010 for the limited release of her Pink Friday-inspired tube of lippie. Super Bossa Nova is one of six shades released by Essie for Summer 2011 and for those of us in Australia we're only just beginning to enjoy this lovely samba-inspired collection.  The shade I chose falls somewhere between bright fuchsia and magenta pink and features microscopic bits of glitter.  Wear time was optimal as I didn't see any chipping or peeling; had I not gotten my weekly manicure, I'm sure my nails would've lasted a few more days.

In other news, if you have a bit of time, be sure to check out Nihrida's site; she wrote an interesting entry about nail polish finishes.  From time to time it's beneficial to get a thorough lesson about the lovely offerings within the nail polish world.