Essie Sparkle and Fade - weekly nail review

Inspiration was nowhere to be found, so I posed a question to the Twitterspehere with the hope someone would write back.

And that was all I needed.

The challenge was offered up to Mira for execution and voila!

Mira painted two coats of Essie's Sheer Bliss and then painted half of my nail with Shine of the Times. After waiting a moment or two, Mira concentrated on the tips of my nails with one final layer of Shine of the Times.  From painting so many layers on my nails, it almost looked like I had acrylic nails applied.  The thickness settled after a day or two and thankfully didn't chip all week.

This modified french manicure is great for the bridal-set or even expectant mothers.  Subtle and ladylike with a twist.