Daily Dalliance: Bitten by Kevin Murphy's Color Bug

If you were a Nickelodeon kid, you'll remember the squishy Gak sold in those funky shaped containers - that's the image that sprang to mind when I spied Kevin Murphy's Color Bug hair shadow. 

Where were we? Oh, yes, Kevin Murphy's Color Bug. Small hand held jars of infinite goodness which can add a bit of flair to your hair.


Kevin Murphy released The Color Bug in 2011 to give commitment-phobes and adventurous gals alike the ability to colour their hair easily for an evening of frivolity.  After the fun was had, into the shower you go in order to shed the colour from your hair.  Simple as that.

I find myself in the commitment-phobe category, but always wanted a dose of colour in my hair that was unexpected and didn't necessarily detract from my personality and look.  Color Bug has given me that chance to play.  If you want to go a bit further than I did, orange and pink Color Bugs are also available for purchase.


Color Bugs are easy to use, but can get messy - grab that towel.  Make sure your hair is dry and even use a leave-in conditioner for girls with lighter hair; this helps to create a barrier and a base for the colour to hold onto. Then I reached for a section of hair I wanted to colour and sandwiched it between a tissue and the flat side of the applicator. I moved my hand in a downward motion a couple of times and massaged the excess in with the tissue. I chose random spots all over my head and worked away until I was satisfied.

A few things to note:

  • Some of the colour will come off when you brush your hair.
  • Use hairspray to help seal your handiwork.
  • Your hair will feel drier than usual; I think this has to do with the chalk quenching any moisture in your hair.
  • Check for colour fall out on your face and neck; you can wipe rogue hair chalk off with a damp cotton round.

The Bagful breakdown:

Total amount for Kevin Murphy's Color Bug:

  • $24.95 AUS

Value for money spent (performance and quality):

  • 10 out of 10 bags – cheap, temporary and simple.

Likelihood to purchase again:

  • My hair doesn't really scream, "oh my, she has purple hair!" Which is what I was striving for. I might have to add pink to my rotation.