Butter's The Full Monty - weekly nail review

After last week's faux pas I really needed to make up for my self-induced disappointment.  It took me about five minutes to choose, but I found a worthy contender in Butter London's The Full Monty. There was a moment of desire to incorporate Frilly Knickers, but Mira talked me out of it - thank goodness; she now has veto power and persuasion in my book. The Full Monty is a mix of gold (laquer) and silver (fine glitter, dust if you will) and one would never guess this duo belongs to the glitter family.  That was until I attempted to take the stinkin' polish off yesterday!  Half a bottle of nail polish remover later and semi-conscious from inhaling fumes, I was finally able to move on.

My manicure would've made it through to today had I not decided to play tug of war with my boss' dog; Bella won because I let go as soon as I realized I accidentally scraped my fingernail on the floor due to being quite tipsy.  Alcoholic beverages were involved.  Despite the intoxicated incident, I'd say The Fully Monty is perfect for gold lovers and for people who enjoy wearing holiday spirit on their nails.

Have a safe and happy New Year!