Butter's Cheeky Chops and Frilly Knickers - weekly nail review

After last week's successful nail pairing, I decided to flip my colour selection on it's head and opted to go with Cheeky Chops and Frilly Knickers (again).  I was a bit too excited about the sparkly overlay and was quite frankly bewitched so much that I think my choice failed this past week.  Cheeky Chops is meant to be worn alone and Frilly Knickers should be showcased with a much darker palette. My nails really were lost in translation and to add insult to injury, I had to remove my polish mid-week due to submerging my hands in soapy dish water (talk about chipping).  I can thank my cookie baking expedition for that; I must remember to purchase super cute gloves (insert mental note here).

As you can see the sparkles were outshined by the bright yellow.  What do you think of this epic fail on my part?